Traditional wedding ceremony in Taiwan

Taiwan has a lot of beautiful bridal customs and festivities. Many of these intricate decorations are intended to bind individuals. Voici a few of them

The Matching Gifts Service

The matching gift meeting is one of the most significant ceremony customs in Taiwan. When the newlyweds’ friends and family receive red envelopes containing money, they do this. Ordinarily, the envelopes feature the number ten, which denotes abundance, along with opportune images. This indicates good fortune and growth for the newlywed couple. The bride’s family would typically arrive at the couple’s home with a busload of presents. An older associate of the bride’s home may welcomed them into their home and open the lock for them. The bride may receive the ritual presents afterward. Gold jewelry, dragon and phoenix candles, and sesame seed teas are standard gifts. The few did then consume chai from two red-tied mugs that had been tied together.

Then, they would consume sweet rice dumplings, which are said to be happy and united. Additionally, they did promote them with their friends and neighbors. Taro cakes, egg caramel pies, and dried fruits like longans and muscadines are among the additional snacks served at the wedding. This is a metaphorical way to convey joy and good hopes to others.

The Hui Sheng is the culmination of the day’s ritual. When the princess’s household makes sacrifices to her grandparents, that is when it occurs. Additionally, they may give up the marriage presents the couple’s find hot women home had given them. This shows how much they appreciate and respect their relatives.

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